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Custom Homes – The Action Builders Process

Note:  The process described below can vary depending on the customer, home location, and other circumstances.  Action Builders understands that building a home can be intimidating, especially for someone who has never built a home before.  During our pre-meetings with the customer, we walk our customers through the building process up front to give them a better idea of what to expect once their home begins construction.  We answer any questions our customers may have and try to address all of their questions and concerns.

If the customer has not already purchased a lot, we work with them to help them find a lot.  If they see a lot they may be interested in, they can call us to meet at the lot and we can provide them an assessment of the condition of the lot and what would be required to be done before beginning construction.  Based on that assessment the customer can decide whether that is the lot for them to purchase for their new home.

During the actual building process we work closely with our customer every step of the way…from breaking ground to doing the final walk-through.  We ensure our customer is aware of what is going on and answer their questions real-time by meeting them at a time convenient for the customer whether it is before work, after work, on the weekend, etc.  We also walk the customer through what selections need to be made, where to go to make the selections, and when to have the selections made.  if the customer is not comfortable making selections, we can refer them to a designer that can work with them.  Mark is also very creative and good with design and can also be a resource for you.

Having complete trust in your builder is extremely important during the building process.  We believe our experience in custom building, our continued research on the products we use, our careful selection of our subcontractors, and our availability to meet with the customer to answer their questions and concerns helps to earn us this trust.   Of course we will not take your trust for granted and understand that it has to be earned.  We ask you to give us the opportunity to earn your trust as you will not be disappointed.

In going with Action Builders for your custom home, you will get exceptional Quality, Trust, Value, and Customer Service.

Listed below is our process beginning with the initial meeting with our customer through signing a contract and beginning construction on the custom home.

Initial meeting with Customer

  • Determine if customer has purchased a lot/land and selected a home plan
  • Find out when they want to start their home
  • Define customer’s wants and needs
  • Establish a preliminary budget range
  • Determine if customer has been pre-approved.  If they are not pre-approved, refer customer to names of banks that we work with that excel at new construction loans.

After Initial meeting and Upon Receiving a Home Plan

  • Builder to visit lot/land and assess its condition, slope, rock, required clearing, etc.
  • Builder to review home plan and come up with an estimated cost to build range to include any costs associated with lot/land assessment
  • Builder to acquire restrictions (if applicable) from the customer
  • Builder to obtain setbacks and find out if the property is under slope development restrictions
  • Discuss estimated cost to build and lot/land assessment with the customer and get a pre-approval letter from their bank
  • Explain process to move forward with  a Professional Services Agreement, with deposit, and home quote based upon the pre-approval letter and the estimated cost to build

Upon Signing a Professional Services Agreement

  • Builder to begin quoting the home (can take 4-6 weeks)

Customer Meeting to Review Proposed Estimate, Specifications, and Options

  • Customer to meet with the builder to go over and discuss the detailed specifications and options for the home
  • Customer to decide on any changes and which options, if any, they would like to incorporate
  • Builder to revise estimate and specifications based on changes made and/or options added at customer meeting.  This could take a week if it requires getting a quote from suppliers or subcontractors.
  • Builder to explain the process to move forward with a Construction Agreement with Action Builders to build their custom home

Customer Meeting to Discuss Updated Specifications and Estimate and Proceed with Agreement

  • Customer and Action Builders meet to review changes made to the specifications and any changes to the estimated cost to build for their custom home based on the changes and options made at the previous meeting.
  • Customer and Builder to finalize specifications and budget
  • Action Builders to prepare a Construction Agreement

Upon Signing a Construction Agreement

  • Customer will deposit a down payment with Action Builders, which is refunded in full per the signed Agreement
  • Builder to prepare a Cost-To-Build synopsis for customer to provide to their bank for the construction loan, if applicable
  • Builder to email customer the first in a series of Builder Notes so customer can start the selection process while their loan is being approved
  • Customer to close on their construction loan, if applicable
  • Builder to begin construction

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