Can I use a discount company to purchase items for my home?

Discount companies can certainly be used to purchase items for your home.  We do caution our customers to make sure they allow enough lead time for the item(s) to come in by the time the work is scheduled to be completed.   Even by planning ahead, if your item(s) is on backorder status, it still could cause schedule delays.   One potential problem is if, for example, enough tile is not initially ordered to complete the flooring in your home, it could take 2-3 weeks for the additional tile to come in.  By then the flooring subcontractor is on another job and your job has to be fit in on his schedule.   Another thing to consider with the discount company is that they usually ship/deliver to the trucking company.  The customer is responsible for paying for the items to be loaded and delivered to the construction site. Also, should the items be delivered earlier than is needed on the job, the customer is responsible for storing the items at a location different from the construction site (so they won’t be in the way of work being done) and then having the items delivered when they are needed. Keep in mind that any delays will cost the customer additional money with interest payments.

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